Andreas Wissel is a multidisciplinary builder of all-things-web working at the forefront of tech. Born and raised in Aschaffenburg, today he’s working all over the world to help his clients shape their ideas into successful products.

My story as a designer/developer started quite a long time ago when I first needed to create a website for my big love at the time — Counter Strike. Through many iterations of funky looking designs sliced in Photoshop and neatly packed into tables in Dreamweaver, I’ve found my new love in designing, coding or simply put — building things on the web. What followed were countless nights of not getting enough sleep in favor of learning how to build CMSes, more efficient HTML and CSS, animations in jQuery, you name it. If it was the hip thing to do at the time, chances are I’ve dabbled in it.

After finishing school, rather than dropping out and becoming a full-time freelancer (thanks Mom!) I started to work for Deutsche Telekom in Frankfurt and learned quite a few things about building applications at scale, while also keeping project managers and stakeholders happy. Combine this knowledge with a red-bull-driven work ethic, and you’ve got the starting point of my consulting career. Throughout the years, I’ve had the honor to work for many great clients, across many industries — some of which you can find in my [work].

After all, though, what stuck with me the most was the inner workings of what makes applications good and successful. Which is why, today, I’m working as a User Experience Design consultant.